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Review policy

Every paper has to be peer-reviewed before being published.

The review process includes the following stages:

1. Reviewers assignment. After the brief examination the editorial board assigns one or more known experts in the field as reviewers for the manuscript. The review is a volunteer process.

2. Reviewers, editorial board and authors communicate via the electronic management system. If a review contains special symbols, formulas or its volume exceeds one page then the review is better to be uploaded as a separate file.

3. After all reviews have been submitted they are sent to authors. The reviewers stay anonymous.

4. Authors submit a revised manuscript for the further examination. Please attach to the manuscript an additional document with proper answers to every remark made by the reviewers.

5. The reviewers examine the revised manuscript and may submit additional reviews or the final evaluation. Steps 3 and 4 may repeats until the authors and the reviewer come to a consensus.

6. If the authors decline some remarks with proper motivation or the reviewers’ opinions diverge the final decision is made by the editorial board.

7. If the authors are not satisfied with the review quality they are allowed to appeal for another reviewer. However this is an extraordinary decision that has to be strongly motivated.


The review process is intended to improve the quality of papers being published at Large-scale Systems Control. Therefore we ask both authors and reviewers be polite, constructive and professional.

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