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Publication ethics

Dear authors!

Please be aware that a submitted paper should meet the following criteria:

 Originality and novelty. A submitted paper should contain novel and original results that were not previously published. If your paper continues the previous research then all results have been already published have to be cited directly. Please follow the rule that at least 30% of the paper should describe novel results. The difference between the novel and previous work should be clearly identified.

Survey of related work. Every scientific work includes a survey of related literature. The cited work should be relevant to the research.

Methods description. If your results were obtained by simulation or depends on some statistical data the experimental and data processing techniques should be described as clear as possible. If the data and simulation software are not proprietary it is highly recommended to make them available for public access and mention the open resource in the paper.

Also the following behaviour are considered as a serious ethics violation

Plagiarism and reuse of previously published materials. All the submitted manuscripts are examined for plagiarism. A paper that contains a significant amount of copied text will be rejected with high probability. Copying any fragment from other manuscripts without proper citing the source is considered a scientific ethics violation. Reuse of your own previously published material should be done with clear referencing to the original work. When you use content from Internet please check whether the material is intended for free access and nevertheless reference the source.

Multiple submission. Authors who intend to submit an article to multiple journals at the same times have to inform the editorial board about the fact. The multiply submitted manuscript is very likely to be rejected by the editorial board.

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